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Flotte anmeldelser til Durans UK-tour

De fire britiske party-veteraner i bandet Duran Duran har ikke været for godt begavet med gode anmeldelser i de senere år. Men nu begynder tidevandet måske at vende.

Først faldt der smukke og venlige ord af i Danmark efter en ellers akustisk katastrofe i KB-hallen. Både BT og Soundvenue gav her det britiske ensemble 5 af 6 stjerner. (Se tidligere indlæg)

(Lad mig da også lige få min blog-kollega Michael Alø-Nielsens anmeldelse med også ;-))
Og nu følger de britiske kolleger med:

The Sun – Duran Duran made a welcome return to London last night for their only gig in the capital – and boy, were they wild.

Simon Le Bon in NIA Arena, Birmingham 2008The Telegraph – Duran Duran’s singer Simon Le Bon may be 49, but he still has a way with women, although that’s not the word he uses – he prefers “ladies”. Or, to transcribe it more accurately, “laydeez”. “I’d like to dedicate this one to all the laydeez in the house!” he yells, before oozing into a glutinous love song called Skin Divers.

Liverpool Daily Post – More than 25 years have passed since they last played Liverpool, but Duran Duran more than made up for lost time when they landed at the Echo Arena for their Summer Pops date on Saturday night…//…They do say good things come to those who wait, but here’s hoping Duran Duran won’t leave it quite so long next time.

Birmingham Mail – Frontman Simon Le Bon, in fine voice and still exhibiting the charm and free spirit of old, even stood on his own little piece of red carpet. Time has obviously been good to Le Bon and fellow band mates Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor for despite losing one of their original line-up over the decades, they have managed to retain their boisterous spirit, glamour and even bleached blond hair.

Nottingham Evening Mail – Acoustically speaking, the Trent FM Arena isn’t exactly the easiest of venues. For visiting sound crews, its unforgiving, hangar-like dimensions must present a significant challenge — but, as last night’s show proved, the challenge is not an impossible one. While lesser acts have floundered, their instruments buried in murky sludge, Duran Duran’s sound quality was well nigh impeccable, and a tribute to the professionalism of their team.


  • Nottingham Evening Post
  • The Birmingham Mail (5 af 5)
  • The Telegraph
  • The Sun
  • Liverpool Daily Post

    “We are Duran Duran, a local outfit, here to make you partyyyyyy!!!”

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      Hey Kenneth,
      …det var dejligt at folge med koncertene fra det fjerne, tak for de spaendende update. Londons O2 er bestemt top maal naeste gang. Du ved ogsaa hvordan mand mingler rigtigt :) skal du sa til party med John -(sporgsmaalstegn…findes ik paa tastaturet i Ungarn) kh Imola

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